Music is more than entertainment for some; it’s a lifestyle and a beautiful gift. That’s true for Los Angeles singer Tonika.

Named after a combination of her parents’ names (her dad’s Anthony became “Toni” and her mom’s Katrina added the “ka”), Tonika has always been special. Music helped raise the songstress, with her love for the art engrained in her by a line of singers in her family. She joined the fun via her school choir at 11 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

She got to work writing, performing, and recording for her dream job. She was a natural, with her vocals, charm, and beauty coming together for her 2020 debut, a project called FreeQueency. The 10-song album was an ode to the many things that make womanhood so beautiful.

“The title’s meaning was to free the queen’s presence inside of the woman, empowering and healing the divine feminine,” Tonika explains. “The journey that a woman has to discover the higher consciousness within herself.” Her rising skills led to her latest offering, a moving and sensual love song called In The Mood. Inspired by legends like Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton, Tonika has crafted her signature romantic ballad for modern times.

Equipped with a full grasp of her powerful feminine energy, Tonika is about to make 2024 the year of grown and sexy vibes.