Tonika – He Wanted Me (Official Music Video)

Tonika – He Wanted Me (Official Music Video)



Tonika releases her second music video from her debut album “Freequeency”.

“He wanted me” tells a story about an old friend who always thought Tonika wanted her man. Her friend “Plum” had a strong history of being jealous and untrusting when “Lewy”- her man was assigned to a study group with Tonika in college. “Lewy” had a thing for both ladies and started pursuing Tonika on the side. Planting seeds of interest all while hoping the two would fight over him & stop being friends. Tonika declined his gestures and talked some sense into him, encouraging “Lewy” to focus on the relationship he was building with her friend. She planned to tell her friend of Lewy’s deceit, however it was too late. Her friend had already changed towards her, and Tonika knew it would be her word against his. A few years later after college, “Plum” calls Tonika after not speaking since they graduated. She thought her old friend called to catch up and share great news about her upcoming wedding, but instead the call was intended to gloat and parade a win. The call mysteriously drops while Tonika is in mid sentence. Unaware of the shade, Tonika calls back and leaves a concerning message about the call being dropped. Needless to say, there were no returned phone calls and the two never heard from each other again.

This music video & song is the artistic expression of the condensed version of events stated above. Enjoy!

Written & Produced by Tonika Directed by Dominique Scoggins


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